Day Three: Prachuap Khiri Khan to Ban Grood

A short one, only seventy two kilometers. The day started with a lovely sunrise over the Gulf of Thailand, that I watched through my bedroom window.  Here is a view:


We started our ride by visiting an air force base, to go hang out with some monkeys. That’s right, monkeys. Turns out that at an interior point in the base, there is some kind of a monument to monkeys, and there a whole troop of monkeys hangs out regularly. We went to go check them out.  When we found them, we fed them corn on the cob, and I believe this is the first time ever, in spite of growing up on the subcontinent, that a monkey ever ate out of my hand.

The ride through the base was breathtaking. The air force base was built on the oceanside, and we had beautiful oceanfront scenery then.  The base itself was very neat and orderly, and some of the roads even had bicycle paths.  (We ignored those, of course, since we were big enough of a group to own the road!).  Here are some members of our group, riding on one of these roads:


And here is the ocean, lapping serenely at the base:


The middle third of today’s ride was quite unpleasant: we had to ride 25 kilometers on the side of a freeway.  Much of the shoulder was under construction, and was unpaved. Moreover, the rains had turned things to slush, and our bikes and clothes and bodies became quite muddied.

But the last third was lovely again. Towards the end we visited a lovely temple, maintained by the King’s daughter, and it showed: everything was well-maintained, and tastefully appointed.  Here is a shot of the temple:


And here are Lindsay, already described in the Day One post, and an unnamed rider, at the temple. Our friend and fellow-rider Helen, a middle school teacher and long-distance runner from New York (she told me she ran 62 miles once) took the picture.


We are now ensconced at the Ban Grood Arcadia, in a small beach resort called, you guessed it, Ban Grood.  Here’s a view from our hotel restaurant, looking across the road to the beach:


More tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day Three: Prachuap Khiri Khan to Ban Grood

  1. Great pictures and blog Al! There is something about temples everywhere – they are always built as high as possible – maybe to be nearer the heavens? or maybe to make the devout work hard on the climb up to better appreciate the lord? So many steps in the temple picture ! I would have needed a step lift!

    • Strangely, there is something about stairs: a couple of people in our group, who had just cycled seventy kilometers, found the stairs daunting and didn’t go up them! Go figure! (To be fair, there may have been a knee issue involved for both of them—stairs can be brutal on the knees.)

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