Day Two: Hua Hin to Prachuap Khiri Khan

One hundred and twelve kilometers, so they said. That’s the distance we covered today, from Hua Hin to the very pretty town of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

The day started off very cool, and everybody was in high spirits, so most of the group rode at a very high rate.  I saw them take off like a bat out of hell first thing when we got out of Hua Hin, and gulped. But then I said “I can do this,” and bravely took off after them.  I got into the middle of the pack, and was doing quite well actually, for over an hour and a half, taking advantage of the drafting that happens when you ride together.  I believe we were averaging nearly 30 KMPH like yesterday. It started to rain about an hour into the trip, and we rode through the rain of course (it is very enjoyable). The problem was that the rain made the sweat and the suntan lotion get into my eyes (never apply suntan lotion on your forehead, I learned today), and they started to burn.  After a game ten minutes of trying to ride nearly blind, I was forced to stop and dry out my eyes.  That slowed me down, and for the rest of the ride, I rode at a more sedate 25 KMPH average.

Which helped me enjoy the scenery all the more.  It was simply breathtaking. We rode along the Gulf of Thailand coast for large segments of the day, turning inland occasionally to ride around the limestone hills that are part of the terrain here. These hills are really gorgeous, and at our destination Prachuap Khiri Khan, they stand out from the sea.  Here they are, one view from the (late) lunch we had just two kilometers from our hotel, and the second from my hotel room’s balcony.



Thanks to some maniacal riding (see above), we covered the the 112 km in slightly over four hours of riding.  Throw in a few breaks, and a long lunch, and we were in our destination hotel by 2:30 in the afternoon, having started a little after 8 in the morning from Hua Hin.

Tomorrow is a relatively short day, under 80 KM.

Some more pictures:


Some dense vegetation we rode through in the morning


Every small village seems to have a temple (wat) complex.  Our first break today was by this wat.


Refreshments at our break! We lost the Thai pancakes and fried bananas from yesterday, but gained mangos and jackfruit.


A view of the vegetation covered limestone hill by the temple complexIMG_20151026_094122553


4 thoughts on “Day Two: Hua Hin to Prachuap Khiri Khan

  1. Al,
    As usual, excellent writing, great photos (the dog for example) and interesting points made in your blog – glad to have caught up with you on Day Two. Cool Pearl Izumi bike shorts that you have on! Interesting that almost everyone has clip-ons, these are people who know what they are doing on their road bikes. Now, you fit the part on your Trek and toe clips, eating mouth watering fruits and food (what was in those banana leaves next to the fruit), frolicking around a giant black and a little bit scary demon like statue. Keep pedaling and writing, for sure I will be following you at 0 kmh.

  2. Thanks for the support Koushik! Yup, my new buddies are serious road cyclists. Good bunch. It was sticky rice, I believe (I didn’t have it, not sure why, probably just too busy gorging on the fruits).

  3. Hey Al,

    Enjoying yourself hugely I see! Good for you! Wish I was fit enough to join you in one of these jaunts……of course reading your well written blog is a good substitute with photographs et al… Is that a kite flying in one of them? I also liked the simple idea of the rest square with the trellis to support the beautiful flowering vine….

    • Thanks Satish. While this particular trip is strenuous, it doesn’t take too much preparation to do a more relaxed type of long-distance ride. Let’s plan for it and make it happen!

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