She’s here!

My Bike Friday appears to be intact!  I set it up yesterday, without the rack, and took it for a spin around Chennai.

For those new to the doings of he who my wife thinks of as The Crazed One (!), I recently invested in a high quality touring bicycle. It has a key feature that is of much value to me: it can be dismantled and carried around the world in a regular suitcase.  And that is what I did with it. I dismantled it in LA and brought it with me to Chennai.

It is manufactured by Green Gear Cycling, better known as Bike Friday (, of Eugene, Oregon. They make customized bicycles. They ask you for your height and weight and inseam, along with various measurements on any current bike that you are happy with, and then design the bike specifically to fit you. Their bikes go by the Bike Friday moniker: my model is called Bike Friday New World Tourist. (Aptly.) All their bikes are designed to both ride very comfortably, and to fit into a regular suitcase after some not too major dismantling.

Quite nifty!  Here she was in LA, before packing (of course she’s a she):

BF 002

And here she is, packed into a Samsonite F’Lite 30 suitcase (Yup, that’s the whole bike in there):

BF 004

And here she is, reassembled in Chennai, without the rack (I’ll put that and other doodads on later).  The picture was taken in front of my mother’s flat, after I returned from my first ride:


Matters look promising!


3 thoughts on “She’s here!

  1. I read few paragraphs. The natural flow of your writings with simple sentences makes it very interesting to read. I shall read the entire blog and continue reading. I shall write more of my comments later. Good job.

  2. Bharath,
    Great blog..enjoyed the observations.
    Look forward to reading more bicycle chronicles ( from all over the world!)

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